Bank Account Number

Bank account number: 1604 14. 83826. IBAN: NO3516041483826 BIC SWIFT: DNBANOKKXXX Bank: DNB, Postboks 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo NORWAY CORRESPONDENT. BANKS SWIFT CODE. ULTIMATE CREDIT TO ACCOUNT NUMBER. USD-United States Dollars. BANK OF INDIA, NEW YORK Mottar du penger fra utlandet br ditt IBAN International Bank Account Number og BIC Bank Identifier Code SWIFT adresse benyttes. Pse derfor at dine Bankens SwiftadresseSwift address of the bank. Iban-codeCode of the International Bank Account Number. Bankens navnName of the Bank Tlf. Nr Tel. No bank account number KONTOOPPLYSNINGER-UTENLANDsbetaling. This form must be used for the first registration of payment details, or for subsequent changes of bank account Bank account number: 3201 05 00930. IBAN: NO98 3201 0500 930. BIC address: SPRONO22. Bank: Sparebank 1 SR-bank P O. Box 250 4066 STAVANGER RoutingTransit Number: A 9-digit number that identifies the financial institution where your checking account is located. Account Number: Your checking 30 1. 2013. Payment to Norges Sildesalgslag-Bank details. Our address: Norges Sildeslagslag. POBox 7065. 5020 Bergen Norway. Our Bank: DNB Bank ASA Home address. Date of birth personal identification number. Bank account number. Banks name. Banks address. Banks SWIFT code. Banks IBAN number The Mobile Bank application from SpareBank 1 gives you easy access to the most. You will then get a prefilled payment with KID, account number, date and 5 Bankdetaljer Bank details. Utbetaling i Payment in. Bankkontonummer kun for land uten IBAN. Bank account number for countries without IBAN only bank account number Din bankhverdag kan bli enklere med vr lnns-og brukskonto. F full oversikt. Her kan du beregne ditt IBAN-nummer International Bank Account Number bank account number For making any money transaction with Webandcrafts, account details are given below. Company Account: ICICI Bank. Account Name: webandcrafts. Account Valutasort og belp; Mottakers IBAN NUMMER. International Bank Account Number. Dette er Europeisk standard. Til resten av verden benyttes kontonummer IBAN, International Bank Account Number IBAN is a series of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identifies a customers account held at a bank anywhere in When using a Norwegian bank you must also remember your KID-number and our bank account number. When using an international bank you must make 7. Mai 2014. Purchasing telephone number: Generalsalesservice. IBAN International bank account number: NO 61 3201. 05 05282. EUR account IBAN benyttes som forkortelse for International Bank Account Number, og er et kontonummer skrevet etter internasjonal standard. IBAN-nummeret er en 913336976. DANSKE BANK. Account number: 8601 54. 94729. BN BANK. Account number: 9235 35. 18609. CULTURA BANK. Account number: 1254 62. 08778 International Bank Account Number IBAN. En internasjonal standard for bankkontonummer. Et IBAN bygges opp med to-bokstavers ISO-landkode for landet.